Monday, May 21, 2012

Salmon Creek Resevoir

Saturday we slithered out the door in order to hike to the Salmon Creek Resevoir. This is the same old trail that we do every summer, but there are new stairs! Now instead of scaling the side of a cliff on wobbly, ricketey staircases there's some brand new lumber and brackets for some sturdy hiking.

We had the trail all to ourselves on the way up, running into a lone porcupine and spotting eagles, ravens, gold finches, varied thrushes and robins. We spotted our first bear scat of the season. No bears were seen thankfully.

On the way down we greeted about a dozen hikers on their way up along with three black labs and a labradoodle.

 We were pretty much toast after the trip, which does not bode well for our hiking goals this summer.

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