Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Trip Stop 1: Washington D.C.

Last fall when I started planning our 2011 travel, I plotted out an elaborate trip to D.C., West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan via plane, train and automobile. I'd even gotten a fancy Washington D.C. map at the Friends of the Library ($0.10). When I presented the plan to Mr. X, he good-naturedly nixed everything but plane and Michigan. (note: We have different vacation styles - I like to cram, cram, cram. Mr. X prefers down time.)

I was very surprised when two weeks before we were to leave for Michigan, Mr. X agreed to tack on a D.C. leg to visit his brother and family. Sweet!

Day 1) National Aquarium and Inner Harbor, Washington D.C. Temple

Day 2) Union Station, US Capital, US Botanic Garden, Museum of American Indian, National Air and Space Museum, Zaytinya restaurant, D.C. bike share, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, FDR memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, White house from Pennsylvania Ave, Old Post Office Tower, and since the headlines screamed: "Heat Index 115" and "Freakish Humidity" a water fight in the back yard.

Day 3) Library of Congress, US Capital, Senate Cafeteria, Post Office Museum

We enjoyed playing with our nephews - even if Mr. X totally ruled CandyLand- , eating fabulous food and I enjoyed seeing so many historic places.

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  1. Thanks for writing about your trip! I loved hearing about it, again.


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