Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th

On Sunday, the third we wandered over to Point Louisa for just a little walk. While we inspected some tidepools, two young brothers hiked by, set down their tackle and cast into the water. On the second or third cast, the six year old reeled in a big one.

Mr. X looked at me. I looked at Mr. X and said together, "We can do that".

On the Fourth we packed up some snacks, reading material and Mr. X's tackle. On Mr. X's third cast he caught a salmon. He was fishing from an awkward rock, though, so before I could get to him, the fish jerked it's way off the line.

With the surf pounding in, we relocated to a less steep approach. Again, Mr. X caught a salmon. Before I had a chance to open my book or enjoy those snacks, Mr. X was beating a line for the car.

We had a tasty fish fry for our Fouth of July dinner. In fact, we had fish all week because we realized we'd caught a Chum - which are fabulous for cavier but less great frozen. Pan fried, curried, tacos all week. Yum.

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