Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saying something nice

My mom always said, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

That's kind of how it's been around here lately. Although I do have some pictures to share from our Seward's Day hike, I don't have them ready because our favorite upstairs neighbors - who we adore (NOT) - were BANGING ON OUR BEDROOM WINDOW AT 2 AM!

So, I'm standing there in the mud in my wellingtons and pajamas with a headlamp. Ready to wallop whoever it is trying to climb through the window. And they're just washing their windows...and dangling an electrical cord down the side of the building. Happy day.

At least we have monster cookies to eat.


  1. Wow! Simply, Wow!

    In the last few months I've decided Fairbanksians (yes 99% of them) are simply NUTS 100% of the time! There simply are not enough ways to count the ways they are nuts!
    I love Alaska, but you can't pay me enough to live in any of it's city propers. Alaska is about rural living if only to avoid seeing any of the nutsos on a daily basis.
    Oh, I suppose I am off topic... "saying something nice."

    Let's see, it was -19F this morning in town and the snow has stopped melting. The sun was out as always - making it look warmer than it was. Still, it was a t-shirt kind of day in Fairbanks today. It is sort of like a rain dance. The more the population wears only t-shirts the sooner it will warm up. I chose a long sleeve shirt and kept my coat in the car - just in case. Still I couldn't bring myself to wear it. Wearing a coat in April (even at -19F) is depressing and repressive. I know the snow will melt in the next two or three months!
    Oh, I washed my windshield this afternoon and the immediate formation of ice crystal designs across the entire windshield was really neat, yet it blocked my view and needed heat quickly so I could see. ;)

    Where was Mr. X while you were outside in the mud?


  2. funny... so long as it was not happening to me :)


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