Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grand Theft Auto

photo from ward site. currently we have 18" of snow.
Note that our building is not a standardized plan and it has T-111 siding

Somehow this morning Mr. X and I left the house ten minutes early. We arrived at the church after the CES missionaries but incredibly before any of our students.

Pausing for just a second before getting out of the car, the corner of my headlight caught something on the corner of the building. The church had been hit by a car! Maybe the snowplow? - But it didn't snow last night.

The windows were frosty so I'm thinking, "Great, they took out the heater; it's going to be a cold morning for the junior class". Mr. X and I decide to investigate and after inspecting the smashed wall, I can see tire tracks, and it's obvious that the damage was caused by someone doing donuts. I say, "Let's see what it looks like from the other side." Mr. X's key works in the side door, but before we even go in, I can see that rather than a cold classroom, we're looking at a very wet one. The crash had ruptured the pipe on the radiator so that every time the heat kicked on overnight, hot water was pumped onto the Primary room floor.

Elder Z was already working to take down tables and chairs and had called someone from the Stake. Young men started arriving and Mr. X put them to work emptying the classroom. I found the piano in a couple inches of water in yet another room.

After helping the Brother T get temporary scriptures for his class, someone handed Mr. X a phone and he was instructed to turn off the water in three locations under the church. I opened the crawl space for him and then headed to our classroom in the Priesthood room. ...where I was suddenly supposed to do a song and dance until Mr. X arrived to take over.

Mr. X came in after 20 minutes and announced that the police, a plumber and Chem-dry had been contacted, the water was turned off, so don't use the restroom, and please note that the area where the church was crushed was a crime scene - don't touch it.

After our class, Brother S showed us a very nice but munched Subaru that was found parked behind the church. Someone's joyride apparently came to an abrupt end.


  1. What an adventure!!!! Glad you all were fine albeit a little wet!

  2. Did you really go ahead with Seminary? It sounds like everything was very soggy.

  3. LOL. Goes to show y'all in Juneau don't mind water - inside or out.

    My favorite part of the story is the T-111 siding on the church. Can you send me a bigger picture? It is hard to see in the little pic.

    I'm sort of surprised the driver wasn't found sleeping it off in the car or in a pew.

    CSI - Juneau


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