Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trail Map

Are you sick of our hiking trips yet? Good. Here's a topo map of our adventures.

Green: Our neighborhood
Red: West Glacier Trail and Mt McGinnis Trail
Orange: Salmon Creek Resevoir
Yellow: Grandchild peak via Montana Creek Trail
Blue: Auke Nu Trail/John Muir Cabin route
Purple: Thunder Mountain Trail
Magenta: East Glacier Loop and Nugget Creek Trail
Wine: Lemon Creek Trail
Hot Pink: To Windfall lake via Montana Creek Trail
Each square is approximately 2 miles. My trail markings are totally off - they have us hiking up bowls - but you get the idea anyway.

As you can tell Windfall Lakes and downtown Juneau fall outside this map.

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  1. Very cool! You guys sure do get your exercise and lots of fresh air. It all sounds like lots of fun to me!


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