Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Double Ugly

Monday morning we had a date with a friend to go fishing. E has a really fantastic little boat and he's never shy about sharing it with landlubbers like us. We took off from Amalga Harbor - out the road near the Windfall Lakes Trail.

The weather was pretty iffy. Fog kept rolling in bringing wind and rain. We'd find ourselves in some rather bumpy water. A few times while Mr. X was bringing in the anchor, I thought for sure he was going overboard. Then that cloud would pass and the water would be smooth as glass.

Mr. X caught a rock fish, a halibut and a double ugly. E caught a couple halibut, a double ugly and lots and lots of tom cod which he threw back. I was in the boat, but without a license, I was eating twizzlers and listening to the Coast Guard channel on the radio. Listening for the rescue out in Icy Straits.
At the end of the day the guys tried snagging chum at the hatchery stream but had no luck there. One man was leaving the spawned out fish for the birds. A tender was working the bay collecting the fish for the hatchery. Mr. X said it was smaller than the one he was on in Kodiak.

E taught Mr. X how to clean the halibut and then gave us his catch. I'd say we have four months worth of fish in the freezer right now. Not bad for a fun morning on the water.

Wildlife: eagles, seagulls, ravens, murrelets, sea lions, seals, humpback whales


  1. ok, so beautiful! (i thought you were getting the short straw by "having" to move to I wonder...hmmm...)

  2. be prepared to liquidate all of that fish... especially any salmon stored in your abode. Mr. X's Mom is raiding my salmon freezer and can't seem to get enough of it. She'll eat the halibut too, but will eat the salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She likes it best smoked and in a spread on bread.

  3. why buy a house in juneau when you could buy a boat!?


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