Monday, March 15, 2010

Project: Chilkoot Trail

Trail Pass Reservations: Parks Canada limits the number of hikers crossing the pass to 50 per day; we made our reservations on January 7th to be certain we could hike on our chosen dates. When we arrive in Skagway, we will pick-up our trail permits and go through customs at the trail center.

When making the trail pass reservations, I provided our hiking itinerary including campsites. We will be starting on a Tuesday, camping in Sheep Camp, Happy Camp and Bare Loon Lake, hiking out to Bennett on Friday morning to meet the train at 1 pm.

Ferry Schedule and Reservations: We can't just drive to the trailhead in Skagway; we've needed to coordinate our hike days with the ferry schedule.

While getting to Skagway isn’t a huge challenge, it is a 6h30m ferry ride with limited vehicle space. I tried to convince Mr. X that we should drive the Golden Circle (Skagway-Whitehorse-Haines Junction-Haines), but that's not going to happen, so we’ll be going to Skagway on a Monday and returning to Juneau on a Saturday; no road trip for me.

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