Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Hiking

Hiking summary for March:

March 18th - East Glacier Trail, 3 miles, 400 foot elevation gain, sunshine, scrambled past the "closed" portion of the trail where fallen trees demolished the staircase.

March 20th - Nugget Falls hike, 5 miles, ~10 foot elevation gain, breaking in new boots

March 26-27 - John Muir Cabin (Auke Nu Trail), 7 miles, 1550 foot elevation gain, snow, winds gusting to 50mph, rain forest and muskeg. Enjoyed the propane heater, popcorn and testing out sleeping bags.

March 29 - Seward's Day! - Thunder Mtn Trail, 4 miles, 2000 foot elevation gain, sunshine, postholing at top, turned around after 75 minutes for lack of snow gear.

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