Saturday, January 25, 2014

Whale watching in January

On MLK day, we headed out the road to see what we could see. We debated taking skis. We debated going for a hike. But in the end, we decided to just go for a ride. Of course, at the last second I snatched up the binoculars - just in case there were birds.

As we passed the pull-out near the Shrine, I spotted a humpback spout and dorsal fin, "whale!" I said. Mr. X turned the car around and we spent the next 10 minutes watching the whale and accompanying birds and porpoises work the water, moving farther and farther from us.

I've never seen such a dramatic multi-species feeding before. The water was roiling and Mr. X said he saw a porpoise leap clear out of the water. After a few minutes of frenzy, the whale would dive and the other animals would disappear under the water. A few minutes later the the animals would reappear and the whale would surface. There likely were birds, porpoises, sea lions and a lone whale (maybe Spot?) - probably because all the whales with any sense are in the warm waters of Hawaii breeding.

I've heard of birds following whales around, but never seen something like this. There must have been a good number of small fish/herring that either the porpoises or whale were herding to the surface and everyone was having a good time of it.  

We congratulated ourselves on our free whale watching trip...until the caliper on the left front side seized up and we needed a second brake job in less than eight months.

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