Saturday, August 4, 2012

Grandchild Peak

Mr. X was sick most of the month of July. One Saturday it was sunny, so before heading out the door I told Mr. X we were not going to sit inside all day and that he needed to pick someplace to go. When I returned from my outing he was dressed and packing for Grandchild peak. A little ambitious, I think.

We struggled our way through the forest and steep climb to the alpine, then enjoyed the views of Eagle beach and the Chilkat mountains. Mr. X slowed our progress and helped us regain our normal heart rates by trimming blueberry bushes overgrowing the trail.

We headed up the ridgeline a little way, and then Mr. X announced that he needed a nap. We ate lunch and he lay down in the sunbaked heather for a 45-minute snooze. I kept guard, watching and listening for bears. Eagles soared over us, occasionally whipping past as they enjoyed riding thermals. The mountainside behind us was mown by a large family of goats. Later we were told there was a good looking bear munching on blueberries in the bowl below us.

On the way down I handed over my walking stick in the hopes it would help Mr. X keep moving. Unfortunately, I've come to depend on its aid and I found myself horizontal more than once. In one meadow of hellbane, Mr. X handed back my stick so I could see my feet -- after I bruised my ankle on a sharp stump.

A great day on the mountain. We did feel a little guilty because we had planned this spring to go with friends, but Mr. X is glad he had the chance for uninterrupted rest in the sun.

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  1. Yay for another adventure! Booo For Mr.X being sick. I hope all is well now!


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