Saturday, April 21, 2012

Glacier hike

Mr. X and I took Brad hiking to the glacier. Because the water level was so low on the lake, we hiked along the beach, then up, over the knob and finally down to the glacier. Brad was all for getting on the ice so we wandered around a little.

We peeked in an ice cave, inspected small moulins and hiked up near some seracs. When the walk started getting steep my get-a-grips were not gripping so I bowed out, returning to the edge of the glacier to calm my nerves with a piece of chocolate. The guys used their yak-tracks to get up close and personal with some seracs farther up the steepening slope.

Next we bushwacked up the drainage to the West Glacier trail and postholed through snow and crossed avalanche debris to the end of the trail.

Because of threatening weather, we had intended to only hike a few hours, we had such a great time that we were surprised to learn that we were out for eight. It was a great shake down for the summer - Remember to bring a water filter! We bought Mr. X some chicken pouches so he won't run out of food. I am also now the proud owner of pro yak-tracks; when I wimp out next time I can't blame it on my grippers.

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