Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reason #785 to rent

Never pay a plumber for gushing 2.5 inch water pipes.

It's in the crawlspace. The plumber is coming today. We didn't notice anything wrong with our water (maybe it's the upstairs water supply?), but I could hear water running and running. When our landlord's winter caretaker came over last night he couldn't hear it, but he sure found it.


  1. After dealing with three pipe burst episodes and one full fledged flood (from the water hauling company delivering water to our first floor instead of our holding tank) in the last nine years, I can relate!!! However, the plumber is the cheapest part of the cure. Unfortunately cleaning / drying everything up is the really costly part. Ask Mr. X's Mom!
    Good luck!

  2. That does not sound fun! Especially for the owner!

  3. I think my parents would agree with you right now since they are having to replace their entire kitchen over the holidays because of a water leak. Definitely not fun!

  4. I just got caught up on some of your recent posts and loved seeing all the things you did with Jon. How fun to have your brother come and stay for a couple of weeks and it sounds like you had some neat adventures (and yummy food, your menu made me hungry!)

    That's weird that we were Disneyland at the same time as some of your family. I guess it really is a "small world after all." :)
    I love that you know Phineas and Ferb. Mike and I both think it is really funny.


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