Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Trip Stop 3: Indiana

Brown County State Park - elevation 1058'

Mr. X's other brother had moved to Indiana two weeks before we traveled down south which meant we needed to travel a little father south to see him and his family.

Shipshewana, IN

Mom drove us down, and since we didn't need to be in Columbus until the evening, I suggested we stop in amish country for lunch. Yeah, it's out of the way, but good grief we're the ones who drive three hours (after 7 hours on a ferry) for lunch at Whitehorse's Pizza Hut.

Fire look-out tower, Indiana sandstone shelter

In Southern Indy, we went swimming, mini-golfing, paddleboating, hiking, raptor watching. Mr. X was involved in some trampoline hijinx that had him holding his back for weeks.

Brown County was celebrating Smokey Bear's birthday. In honor, they held a Raptor show.

All in all a successful trip.

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