Monday, August 9, 2010

Last day: M/V Malaspina to Juneau

Sunday we hopped up at 4 am, took down the tent and packed the car for the last time. We were out of Dyea by 4:23. At 4:40 we rolled in the Ferry Terminal ready to check in - only they weren't open yet so we sped over to the small boat harbor for showers. Wahoo!

We had a delightful cruise back to Juneau. The sun broke through the clouds and we actually could see a little of the water. We were treated to views of dall porpoises and humpback and Orca whales. The FS naturalist on board offered a series of lectures about ship wrecks in the Juneau area, two with happy endings, one with a dog as the sole surviver.

Mr. X was such a good sport about this trip. All he really wanted to do with his vacation was "sit on the blue couch." But he sucked it up and came with me. I was concerned that he wasn't enjoying himself. In deed, our first evening in Skagway, I saw his shoulders slump and his lip begin to curl, and I was reminded of his scowl in San Antonio (if you'd like to see the pic, email me) thankfully, "Remember[ing] the Alamo" perked him right up. On the Klondike highway he started getting ideas about taking Mom X on a drive of the Golden Circle some he must have liked more than just the train ride!

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  1. What an adventure! I enjoyed reading every bit of it. Thanks for sharing all of your fun Alaska adventures with us. :)


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