Tuesday, May 4, 2010


"Spring has sprung, Spring has come,
Life is skittles and Life is rum [lifesavers]
I think the loveliest time of the year
Is the spring, I do, don't you, of course you do"
~Poisoning Pigeons in the Park by Tom Lehrer

It's undeniably spring though it was hard to tell just when it happened, but

  • The fiddleheads are unrolling
  • The tulips are starting to bloom
  • The Airport trail was closed due to aggressive bear activity and
  • The first cruise ship docked this morning


  1. I miss tulips? :-(
    Bulbs can't withstand the interior winters.
    But spring sprung weather wise weeks ago up here. Still, you win as far as tourism goes. I have yet to see an incoming RV or a tourbus full of spending outsiders. We'll keep enjoying the weather until the tourists taint it.

    What is up with a 22percent hike in electricity in Juneau?!

  2. Lots of things won't grow in the interior. But the things that do, do. ;)

    Re: Electricity
    We just got a new hydro plant on Lake Dorothy. Because regulation prevents utility providers from fully saving up for projects (or holding emergency funds), users only see the cost of a project after it's done. Yuck, I know, but that is the rule.

    The increase isn't being passed on to the Cruise ships and Greens Creek Mine which happen to be two the city's largest single users of electricity. Why? Because they aren't "captive" the way the rest of us are.


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