Friday, February 26, 2010

Project: Chilkoot Trail

Passports: The Chilkoot pass crosses the US - Canadian border so we need passports.
The passport application process is fairly straightforward, though, I will say that some of their instructions are not sequential. Read the whole application and assembly instructions thoroughly.

Since we figured our marriage is worth at least $30, we opted to have our pictures taken by US Postal Service employees. Yes, after not talking to each other for a weekend, we determined we should just spend the money. Not the most frugal in the short term, but definitely cheaper in the long run. {For those in larger communities, many office supply stores will provide passport pictures for $7, or if you are more patient than me, check out the state department instructions here.}

Mr. X, unfortunately, has a typo on his driver’s license so we had to provide back-up ID and photocopies proving he is who he says he is. I also accompanied him to his interview in case the receiving agent required an “Identifying Witness” (form DS-71).

Because I was renewing my passport I was able to apply through the mail (and save $25).

My passport arrived after a 3 week wait. Mr. X's took 5 weeks.


  1. i would have taken your pictures! but $30 is cheaper than a flight there (or here)...oh shucks..

  2. I got my passport photo tasken at the post office and the flash didn't go off. The picture almost alters my ethnicity, but no border police have arrested me yet.

    It's exciting to be one step closer to your big goal!


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